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What is white hat SEO

White-Hat-SEO is, according to the term interpretation, the good side of search engine optimization. It contains all the measures for optimizing a website that comply with the guidelines of the search engines . To make sure your search engine optimization meets the requirements, review Google’s policies . White Hat SEO is a fair and ethically and legally safe way to achieve a long-term, good ranking with your own website.

The big advantage of this approach is the avoidance of misconduct from the point of view of the search engine operators . Since these decide on the ranking of a website, it is important for a long-term success to observe the established rules. Possible disadvantages If the direct competitors are running black hat SEO or at least gray hat SEO , this may be an additional drawback to using similar methods to prevent ranking losses . However, black hat SEO often leads to very short-term success. Therefore, in most cases it is a better strategy not to take risks and to put up with short term ranking penalties until the sites are punished . Furthermore, white-hat-SEO takes a lot of time, especially at the beginning of the optimisation. In the long term, however, maintaining a website in an intense and compliant manner is the best way to achieve a good ranking.